Monday, December 27, 2010

Tribute To Trial Lawyers

Tribute To Trial Lawyers

Trial lawyers make a difference.

They are unique and unequaled in many ways.

They mix the tenacity of a pit bull with the soft touch of a velvet glove.

For justice, they are willing to buck the odds, swim upstream, fight City Hall.

Adversity impassions them.

They understand that the unprivileged need their protection, and that the privileged protect themselves.

They are buffeted between power and passion, prejudice and pain, fear and freedom.

When a Trial Lawyer rises to speak for the cause of the victim, something mystical occurs: a regalness, genteelness, and gentleness in countenance; compassion, passion, and fire in spirit; eloquence, energy and logic in word; anger, warmth, and love in emotion. An intoxicant permeates the air.

Every Trial Lawyer understands -- when it's right, it's right! Like a Pentecostal flame hot in your heart. This is the transformation that gives us the privilege to be called "Trial Lawyers."

By Gregory S. Cusimano

Copyright 1991 by Gregory S. Cusimano All rights reserved

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